February 25, 2016


1. What is SwiftRM?

SwiftRM is a simple relationship management solution powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM and hosted in the cloud. What’s special about SwiftRM? You specify a number of personalizations that can be up and running in just 3 days after being implemented by professional consultants at Encore Business Solutions.

2. Why do I need a relationship management system?

SwiftRM helps you keep track of all the communication and interactions with your connections. Instead of keeping track of your connections and activities in spreadsheets, notes and emails, SwiftRM provides a structured way to store and access relationship information all in one place.

3. How does it only takes 3 days?

Our Dynamics CRM expertise enables us to provide an accelerated approach to deployment. We’ve removed the complexity by pre-selecting the must have, out-of-the box functionality for you and utilizing our quick self-guided assessment survey to capture your unique field and personalization requirements.

4. What kind of relationships can I manage with SwiftRM?

You can manage any type of relationship that is specific to your business – the possibilities are endless. With SwiftRM you get a custom entity to capture data unique to your business relationships, and the ability to specify custom fields that are tailored to your business.

5. What is a custom entity?

A custom entity can be anything that you want to track that is specific to your organization’s relationships. Check out these examples.

6. What are custom fields?

Custom fields are personalized fields that you specify so that SwiftRM fits your business perfectly. You specify them on your contacts and accounts. Check out these examples for Contacts or Accounts.

7. Do I require training?

SwiftRM  is designed specifically to be easy to use so you’ll need very little training. It has been pre-configured in a Microsoft Dynamics CRM environment, with dashboards and functionality created with ease-of-use in mind.